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Our premium trading service, SK OptionTrader, specialises in formulating strategies to enable investors to enhance their portfolio performance. Unlike many trading services that solely concentrate on returns, we hold risk management as our top goal. This ensures that one not only has the potential to increase their capital, but that they can do so with limited risk.

Clients of the SK OptionTrader service receive trading signals showing the entry details for a trade that we have just made in our own accounts. Then, once we have closed that position, we issue a similar message that holds the necessary information to close a trade. After a position is closed it is shown on our trading record.

In addition to this, our members receive a report each week containing our views on the market with in depth analysis of both the technical and fundamental factors.

Our annualised return is 43.90% and our return on capital since inception is 1354.41%, based on our model portfolio. This implies $10,000 invested in accordance with SK OptionTrader signals would now be worth $145,440.80.

We wish to ensure that all of our clients receive a high standard of service and feel comfortable making decisions, so if you have any queries or questions about the service, or would simply like more information, then please feel free to contact us. Our FAQs database and articles may also provide more insight as to how our trading service works.

Due to the popularity of our service, we have a set number of places available to subscribers. These places have now been filled, so if you wish to become a new subscriber please contact us directly.