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We made 135.71% As Gold Stocks Collapsed

The bull market is over, gold has fell the most it has in one day for nearly 40 years, and gold stocks are closing in on a third of what they once were. While the markets are experiencing turmoil and many investors are watching their portfolios deteriorate before their eyes, SK OptionTrader subscribers are more than doubling their money.

On April 15th as gold plummeted our portfolio rocketed, allowing us to bank 2 trades with profits of over 100%. One was a Vertical Put Spread on GDX that made us 175% in 4 days, and the other made 135.71% using puts on GDXJ.

We opened this short position on the junior mining sector on March 18th with the belief that gold stocks, and especially junior miners, would fall continually over the coming months as gold prices dropped.

As you will likely well know, gold prices have fallen off a cliff and fell more than $200 in just 2 days; therefore our trade increased massively in value.

Through the use of options we were able to generate returns nearly 5 times greater than those of a simple GDXJ short position.

We not only benefited on the increased upside of this trade, but on the risk of the trade as well. If a freak event had occurred, and driven gold prices higher our position would have been limited to the cost paid for the Puts. However, one who was short GDXJ could have been facing unlimited losses. Consequently the risk reward dynamics of this trade were in our favour from the moment we opened the position when compared with alternatives.

This is not the first time that we have yielded profits from being on the short side of the mining sector. Just this year, we have banked 7 winners on the poor performance of mining stocks. We made 212.50% from a fall in HL in March, and 29.41% through a short position on Silver Wheaton, the most loved stock in the silver market

SK Options Trading is banking gains left right and centre from the collapsing bull market. On Monday alone our overall portfolio was up 10.03%, despite being mostly in cash! Yes, our subscribers could made over 10% in a single day as a result of our trading signals.

 Not only that, but we are up 605.20% since the beginning of our service, and have had an annualized return of 69.57%!

All 10 trades closed in 2013 have been winners and have averaged 68.11% each, resulting in our portfolio being up 37.01%. The question you should ask yourself is, have I done this well? If the answer is no, and you want to know what we have done to generate these returns, all you have to do is click subscribe on either of the buttons below.

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