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Welcome to SK Options Trading, the service with an annualized return of over 50% for the last 6 years!

SK OptionTrader has generated a massive total return of 1358.82% and a win rate of more than 90% over the course of our entire history, does your portfolio have similar returns?

If it does not, then you must ask yourself why you are not a subscriber. Our service costs only $2.19 a day, and if one had invested your $10,000 portfolio in accordance with our signals it could now be worth $145,881.72.

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We have published every trade we have ever closed on our trading record, which includes each of the 16 losers and the 166 profitable trades we have made.

Among these winners are trades such as our first trade to more than double in value, which we closed in October 2010. This well timed calls position on GLD generated a 100% return in just 4 weeks. We quickly followed this up by closing another 2 trades that had been open for just over 2 weeks, each of them having more than doubled. These were just some of the trades that contributed to our total return of 167.98% for the year.

2011 saw even more gains banked as we closed our then most profitable trade in August. In the midst of the European debt crisis we used GLD calls to bank a massive winner that made 197.14% in just under two months!

Moving into 2012 we diversified our portfolio to trade equities and volatility as well as gold. This lead to another profitable year and set us up to finish 2013 with only profitable trades closed.

Yes, that's right. In 2013 not a single one of our closed trades was for a loss. We also banked our biggest winner ever, making 212.5% in 3 weeks on Hecla Mining puts. We extended this win streak into and through all of 2014, meaning that we closed 50 trades in a row without a single loss.

This year the strong strong performance that we have generated since inception has continued with 2015 to be another profitable year. Based on our current overall returns our portfolio has an annualized return of 52.31%. This return implies that a $10,000 portfolio would have made a profit of $5,321 in a year, which would have paid for a 6 month subscription more than 10 times over.

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We have generated these consistently high returns over a number of years by doing more than simply swinging for the fences with every trade. Different market conditions require different trading strategies, so targeting triple digit returns with every day is not our top priority. Instead, it is prudent risk management. We achieve this by weighing up the possible outcomes, their likelihood, and the effect that this would have on a given position. Using this analysis we allocate a specific percentage to each of our trades and include this in our trading signals, allowing subscribers to achieve the same risk reward dynamics.

If one does not consider the both the risks and rewards, and only the rewards, then they are likely to take heavy losses before "getting lucky" with a winner. In this case, the effect of the trade, however magnificently profitable, is reduced. This is a plight that effects many traders and investors. Poor management of risk and trading simply out of boredom can wipe out a portfolio.

Our strategy to ensure that we know the full extent of our risk and that it is limited has allowed our portfolio to achieve rapid exponential growth and has meant that when the opportunity to quickly make 175% in 4 days arises, the full effects can be gained.

The correlation of returns with a particular asset or index are also a key factor that many forget to consider. If one is making money by only buying stocks, then this is all well and good while stocks are rising, but can be catastrophic when the markets collapse.

Our returns are uncorrelated to any particular asset or collection of assets. We have made money in bear and bull markets, in periods of high and low volatility, in equities and commodities. This contributes to how our model portfolio has increased more than 10 times over while neither stocks or gold have generated anywhere near that. 

As a subscriber you will receive both open and close signals on the trades that we make, as soon as we make them. This may seem obvious, but many services simply issue signals to open without letting subscribers know when to close a position. Often closing a trade at the right time is far more important that opening it in terms of the overall returns, so we make sure that subscribers can see when we exit a position as well.

All of the trades that we issue are based on those that we make in our own portfolio. This means that we have as much to lose or gain as any of our subscribers and allows them to be confident that we care about each of our open positions.

Should you have any questions or queries about our service before subscribing, then please feel free to contact us. If you are ready to join the winning team, simply sign up below.

Subscribe for 6 months for $499 - Get a 2 Month Free Trial

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